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The Diastasis Fix Affiliates

Are You A Fitness Professional That Works With Mommies?

Or maybe you are a mommy blogger or a mom that wants to get the word out to help other moms.

If so, you might have worked with or know moms who have diastasis or a weak core. Did you know how to help them, did you know what exercises they should or shouldn’t do, or even know how to help them start healing it.

If not, I would LOVE to help you with your clients.

How I Can Help You:

I’ve created an 8 Week Online Step By Step Diastasis Boot Camp Healing Program

  • I’ve had many successful and happy mommies with my program.
  • For each mommy that you refer who purchases The Diastasis Fix, you will earn 30%.
  • If you are an affiliate, you will have access to helpful information for your clients, plus email access to me for any questions your clients might have.
  • You will also have access to other programs I offer for moms who have diastasis

Why I Created An Affiliate Program

I want to get the word out and bring more awareness about diastasis. So many women still don’t know what diastasis is, are told that surgery is the only hope for them, or are getting wrong advice on how to heal it.

When a woman has diastasis, there is more going on inside her body than just diastasis. The diastasis is a symptom and the root of the problem needs healed. Even if a mom has surgery to correct it, the root needs healed.

I have a passion to educate and help these women but I am only one person. It’s going to take other passionate women to spread the word.

If This Is Something That Excites You, Then I Would Love To Link Arms With You!

See how you can earn below!

I offer commission on every program and course I offer, not just The Diastasis Fix Boot Camp.

  • 30% commission on every sale of The Diastasis Fix Boot Camp

  • 35% commission on every sale of FiTabulous Mom’s Club. This is a subscription service which means you will receive money each month as long as they stay members.

  • 50% commission of individual online courses

How Can You Earn Money?

You will be given a unique affiliate link and graphics to place on/in your website, newsletters, emails, or you can even share on your social media sites. My system will automatically keep track of your sales and you will be sent money each month via PayPal.

Terms & Conditions:

1. FiTabulous Moms will not be held responsible if you refer your affiliate link to people with computer systems that do not allow the cookies necessary to give you affiliate credit, or if they already have another affiliate’s cookies on their system.

2. After you register, you will be given a special link and graphic to place on your website. You embed that link anytime you mention one of the FiTabulous Mom’s courses.

4. Commissions cannot be made on products purchased with one’s own affiliate link.

5. FiTabulous Mom’s affiliates are paid via PayPal.

6. Commissions are on a month delay.

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