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Tag: reduce knee pain

How To Do Lunges Correctly

Another exercise I see a lot of women doing wrong are lunges. I would rather see you do 5 lunges with good form than 20 lunges with bad form. If you’re not doing these correctly, you are probably hurting your knees. Here’s a quick video I made that shows you how to do lunges correctly. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve also...

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How To Squat Correctly

As a corrective exercise specialist and personal trainer, I get to do a lot of assessments and observe people’s form when working out. It’s so important to learn how to do exercises correctly! It’s not just when you workout that form should be correct but in everyday activities as well. When we move correctly, we can reduce aches and pains in our bodies. In this...

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How To Reduce Knee Pain

How To Reduce Knee Pain, 1 Quick Tip Are you struggling in this area and wonder how to reduce knee pain?  A lot of the women I train deal with this a lot. I believe one of the reasons why is because we are not working out or doing everyday activities with correct form. I blame it on us being a “sitting’ culture”. We sit...

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