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Tag: Nutrition

3 Healthy Alternatives For Busy Moms

3 Healthy Alternatives That Are EASY To Implement As moms we are so busy and need easy to implement healthy alternatives in  our lives! So, I wanted to share 3 simple tips that any mom can implement. Speaking of being busy, let’s jump right in. You can either read them, watch the video, or both. 🙂 The video below is one I recorded on Periscope....

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#1 Nutrient For Your Body

#1 Nutrient For Your Body Ok…so the #1 nutrient for your body is WATER! If everything seems to overwhelm you when trying to get healthy, start with drinking more water. The amount of water you should be drinking each day is half of your body weight in ounces. Now, if you’re pregnant it should be more. Here’s a post and an interview I did on...

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Day 4 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

Day 4 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge Give us time in our day to make a healthy lifestyle a priority. It can be hard to make living a healthy lifestyle a priority…especially if you’re not in the habit of it. Try not to think of all the changes you need to make as this might overwhelm you a tad bit. 🙂 Start little by little...

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Day 3 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

Day 3 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge Lord, give us all the provision and tools we need to honor our temple. God is so so faithful! Getting healthy can seem overwhelming and even expensive at times. But it doesn’t have to be. Instead of being overwhelmed, go to God first and tell him your heart. Tell him you want to get healthy and even tell...

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Day 2 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

Day 2 Prayer: Give us commitment to pray everyday Sometimes we forget to pray FIRST. I know I am guilty of that. When you’re struggling with something, do you go to God first or do you go to someone or something else first? God says He is strong where we are weak and He also says that His yolk is easy and burden is light....

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Honor Your Temple Day 1

  Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge Day 1 I’m so excited to kick this prayer challenge off with De Bolton from Faith Fueled Mom!  Our prayer is to help encourage moms on their journey toward a healthy lifestyle. However, we want to point you to the ONE where your true strength comes from. Each day you will have a new prayer to focus on and...

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Paleo Banana Pancakes

Paleo Banana Pancakes…a healthy alternative to regular pancakes!   This recipe was a recipe that didn’t make it into the eCookbook, but is still super Yummy! Give it a try and let me know what you think. I was out of almond flour this morning, so I substituted coconut flour. For more yummy recipes, check out Simple Clean Eating.

5 Healthy Snacks Kids Will Love

I don’t know about you but finding healthy snacks that my kiddos like can be tough!  As a mom, we are always wanting to make sure our kids get good nutrition in their bodies. Here are 5 healthy snacks you could give a try! 5 Healthy Snacks Kids Will Love Ants On A Log  (almond butter and raisns on celery): Cut stalks in 3” logs, fill the...

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