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Running With Diastasis Recti Testimony

Is running with diastasis recti possible?

Running With Diastasis Recti

Hi mama, I am so excited for you to hear Amy’s testimony about running with diastasis recti.

She not only discusses running with diastasis recti but also her journey with diastasis! Her healing hasn’t been overnight…which is normal. I like to call healing diastasis a journey, because that is what it is…just like with other things we heal in our body. Diastasis is a very frustrating issue and many women feel hopeless. Do you deal with those feelings? If so, you are not alone.

I love to interview moms that can be a voice of encouragement to you. It’s so important to listen to other’s stories because it is letting you know that it is possible for you too. You just have to start.

Amy is a runner, she loves it! Personally, I am one of those women who doesn’t get it….why do they or you love to run?? I will sprint but that lasts for like 10 minutes, it’s not long distance torture :). So, that is why I let Amy tell her story. Hopefully you will relate to her in some way.

Here is a recording of the interview with Amy:

I have also have another blog post I think you will enjoy on running with diastasis recti. You will find a video that talks about how you can run with diastasis and alternatives to running. “Is running with diastasis recti safe” is one of the most asked questions I get.

Amy has had some ups and downs and she has found what she can and can’t do. It will be different for every women because we are all uniquely made. What works for one might not work for the other. You have to figure that out.

Are you a runner? Have you been struggling with this? Book a Free Breakthrough Session with me and my team to find the exact steps you need to take to heal your diastasis and enjoy running again.


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