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The Importance Of A Strong Core


When you think of a strong core, what comes to your mind? Is it a strong physical core or a strong spiritual/emotional core? Both are equally important.

Alright, a strong core…let’s talk about your spiritual core for a minute. Who you are, at the very core (your purpose & identity), can be covered up from life’s hurts. When this happens, it’s hard to walk in the call and fullness God has for you. Satan wants to keep your purpose and identity hidden because he is scared of you. He knows when you get healed from life’s hurts and discover your true purpose and identity, you will be a world changer for the kingdom of God!

Jesus is our foundation and without Him, we will have a faulty core. He is the healer and wants you to allow Him access to come in and heal you everywhere you hurt. He wants to dig up and get rid of all the lies in your core so that you can enjoy life to the fullest and walk in the purpose and call God has for you.

Now, let’s talk about your physical core. When you have a weak physical core, this can cause aches and pains throughout your entire body. For example, a weak core can cause back pains, diastasis (separation of the abdominal walls), shoulder pains, pelvic floor leakage, knee pains, and more. Your inner core was meant to take the blunt force of movement. However, the way we sit, stand, and move in our culture has created improper alignment and improper breathing which cause our core to be weak and not do its job properly.

Your inner core muscles (diaphragm, tranverse abdominals, pelvic floor, and multifidus muscles of the spine) need to be working together and not in isolation for your core to function properly. The diaphragm is the number one muscle to help bring your body back into alignment, and it’s also one of the most underused muscles. When you are doing daily activities or you are working out, do you think about your core muscles? Your core muscles should be activating before every movement you make because this protects your body. This is not a sucking in, but an activation of all 4 inner core muscles. It’s a beautiful cycle that your body was meant to be functioning in.

You might be experiencing some of the symptoms I mentioned above. One of the symptoms I want to discuss is diastasis (separation of the abdominal walls). A lot of women have this and don’t even know it.

Diastasis is a separation of the rectus abdominis or the outermost abdominal muscles. When the muscles separate, the connective tissue that joins them, stretches sideways. The more it stretches sideways the thinner and weaker it becomes. When the abdominal muscles separate, this support system is weakened which can cause low back pain and the “mummy tummy “. The mummy tummy is actually your internal organs falling forward against the connective tissue, (called Linea Alba), causing the abdomen to protrude. The internal organs are protruding because they are now being supported by a thin (Glad Wrap-like) piece of connective tissue instead of your abdominal muscles. This is often the reason why, in successive pregnancies, that women pop out and show quickly. If there is trauma to the abdominal area and the connective tissue is torn away from the muscle, your organs will come through and a ventral hernia can develop.

Pregnancy isn’t the cause of diastasis, but if you are out of correct alignment and aren’t breathing properly (which is the basics of a strong core), then you have a good chance of experiencing some level of diastasis. Having a strong inner core is so important. If you want to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have had babies, you are a great candidate to start strengthening your core properly.

Your spiritual core and physical core go hand in hand. The Lord wants us to be healthy in every area of our lives. You can be healthy physically but not spiritually and vice versa. Whole body health is the key to enjoying the call and purpose God created you for!

How long does it take to heal diastasis? There is not an easy answer because each woman is different and unique. Their diastasis may be mild or it could be severe. The importat thing is to just get started strengthening your core and take it one day at a time.

To get started on strengthening or healing your core, take the 5 Day Diastasis Challenge by clicking the image below:

How To Heal Diastasis



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