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Fit Pregnancy Boot Camp Waiting List

Next Test Group Starts May 15th!

Olivia Cagle is revolutionizing fitness during pregnancy! This groundbreaking approach will not only keep you fit, tone, and healthy but also keep your core and pelvic floor healthy & strong!


Want to have less aches and pains during your pregnancy, have less weight gain, and  significantly improve your own health and the health of your unborn child safely? Then get on the waiting list! You will also learn how to prevent diastasis (separation of the left and right abdominal walls) from happening or help it from getting worse.

This program also includes Labor Training to prepare you for labor and Belly Training that will help your belly not get overly big and minimize stretch marks.

Some more topics you will learn about are:

  • How to get rid of toxic thinking (our thoughts get passed onto our babies)
  • Preventing and Correcting Common Pregnancy related issues
  • The unborn infants greatest nutrient deficiency
  • Finding easy healthy nutritional alternatives for you and your baby
  • Natural and holistic prenatal approaches to staying healthy
  • How to have a better chance at having a natural birth if you so wish to
  • How to significantly reduce your risk of a C-Section

I have also brought in a doula that has provided a sample birth plan, birthing support information, and even breastfeeding tips.


How Fit Pregnancy Boot Camp Works:

  • You will be trained by me, a prenatal corrective exercise specialist
  • Hyperlinked Workout Videos
  • Action Steps you can take to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • Lasts for 6 Weeks
  • Live interaction with Olivia and Other Pregnant Moms in her Private Facebook Group
  • Live Group Coaching
  • Foods and supplements to focus on during pregnancy

Enter your info below to be notified when I open up my next online 6-Week beta test for this program. It is scheduled to begin Monday, May 1st.

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