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What Is Diastasis?What Is Diastasis?

Diastasis is also known as a separation between the left and right abdominals. It’s actually an alignment problem….which you won’t hear from many people. Diastasis can be brought on by pregnancy, poor posture, a poor diet, etc. Every person who has diastasis,  usually has a lack of function somewhere.

Some tale tell signs of diastasis can be: all of a sudden you may have an outie belly button, you can’t get rid of lower belly pooch, lower back pain, and leakage when you sneeze or cough. However, A LOT of women who have it don’t even know they have it. This is not a good thing because you can make diastasis worse by doing the wrong types of exercise or even standing/sitting with wrong posture.

Over 1/3 of women will have a gap of two or more fingers wide after their first pregnancy. And 2 out of 3 moms have it after 2 or more pregnancies. A little separation of the abdominals in pregnancy is normal but if it doesn’t close on its own, that’s when you have diastasis. Note: you can get or have diastasis even if you haven’t had a baby before.

So how can you check if you have it? I created a video showing you how to check yourself: http://oliviacagle.com/check-diastasis-recti/.

If you find that you have diastasis, then make sure not to do crunches or sit ups…this can make it worse.

Some women heal up quick and for some it can take time. There are so many variables. You can start healing your abs by strengthening your core (transverse abdominals, pelvic floor, and diaphragm). You need to reconnect to your core. It’s also important to strengthen your pelvic floor and work on your posture. The right exercises can also narrow the gap, while strengthening and flattening your abs.

Watch my live Master Class: 5 Step System To Heal Your Diastasis (even if you’ve had it for years)

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