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Diastasis Recti Help

I’m very excited to be talking about this issue…diastasis recti (separation of the left and right abdominal muscles). It is an issue that more women need to be aware of. There’s A LOT of wrong information on this subject, so you need to be cautious before trying some of the exercises that promote healing for diastasis recti.

diastasis recti help

A friend of mine, Brittany Hameed, asked if I would do a guest blog on this subject. She has diastasis recti and has recently learned the correct way to heal this problem. She is very passionate about getting the word out! You can check out the post here: http://mymamajourney.org/2015/02/05/dr-be-gone/

I’ve also put together some homework for you 🙂

1. If you have any questions about your diastasis, fill in the Contact form below. If your on your phone, there’s a blue button that says Contact at the bottom of the screen. If you’re on a computer, it’s at the bottom right hand corner.

2. If you want more info on diastasis, here are my posts on that topic:  Diastasis Blog Posts

3. If you’re ready to get started healing your diastasis, check out my 8 week program called The Diastasis Fix


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