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3 Diastasis Safe Ab Exercises

You are wanting more diastasis safe exercises…well, here ya go! 🙂 I hope you enjoys these. Finding new workouts that are safe for abdominal separation can be tricky and you probably also want more of a variety. I will be adding new exercises often, so be sure to check back. 3 Diastasis Safe Exercises: Stability Ball March Leg Pull Ins w/ A Towel Angled TVA...

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5-10 lb Weight Loss Boot Camp: Register Now!

Mama’s, are you looking for a way to lose 5-10 pounds? Have you tried in the past to stay consistent, but failed? Do you need motiviation & support to help you? Let me be your personal trainer and encourager for the next 4 weeks! It’s so important to lead by example with a healthy lifestyle for our family. When my little girl picked up this...

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Day 19 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

  Give yourself GRACE when you make mistakes. I talked about this on Day 18. This is so important because we can be so hard on ourselves. You are going to make mistakes and that’s ok. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect…thank Heavens! 🙂 Continue to ask God what a healthy lifestyle for you looks like…keep being Holy Spirit led and not led by...

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Day 18 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

  Give us determination to continue! Staying the course, being persistent, not giving up…that can be hard! There are going to be times you want to quit…for several reasons. But stick with it. Even if you fail, get back up and give yourself GRACE. We are all going to mess up. Just keep swimming :)! Take it one day at a time. Don’t look at...

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Day 17 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

There are 2 types of pain: The Pain Of Change or The Pain Of Staying The Same. Either way it will hurt, but one is only temporary and there is victory on the other side! This is what I tell myself when I’m ready for a change in my life and it helps me to push through. It might be physically or emotionally painful but...

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Day 16 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

This is YOUR journey and it is unique to you. Comparison can stop you dead in your tracks and make you feel inferior. My prayer for you today is that you will love and embrace the person God made you and to love and embrace your journey. You don’t have to eat exactly like someone else eats and you don’t have to workout exactly like someone...

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Day 15 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

Today, I pray you have joy in the process of getting healthy. It can be hard at times. Satan wants to steal your joy because that’s your strength. Fight to keep your joy! For free workouts and motivation, go to: FiTabulous Mom’s Club

Day 14 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

We can be our worst critic. Today, I pray you see yourself through God’s eyes. Most of the time we see ourselves through a skewed filter because somewhere along the way, we believed a lie about ourself and now we see things through that lie. I pray that any lies you have believed will be replaced with truth. Once the lies are gone, it’s easier...

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Day 13 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

Each day ask God what He wants you to eat and how He wants you to take care of your body. There are so many lists of what are good for you and not good for you and it can get overwhelming. If you’re just starring out, don’t overwhelm yourself. Seek God first and ask Him to give you an appetite for the things He...

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Day 12 Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge

How do you deal with stress? There are many unhealthy ways we deal with stress…eating, over working out, worrying, etc. Ask God to help you find healthy ways to deal with stress. I pray that you will have peace that surpasses understanding and joy. For free workouts and motivation, go to: FiTabulous Mom’s Club

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