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Breastfeeding Helps Shrink Your Uterus

breastfeeding helps shrink uterus


Both mom and baby reap physical benefits from breastfeeding.  For starters, breastfeeding can help you get your body back into its pre-pregnancy state.

The Process Of How Breastfeeding Helps Shrink Your Uterus

After birth, you will start having something called Afterpains. Women who breastfeed will feel this more. But don’t be alarmed, you’re body is doing it’s job! Afterpains are contractions of the uterus caused by the release of the hormone oxytocin. When you breastfeed, oxytocin is released into your body, which triggers these uterine contractions. Afterpains are necessary to shrink the uterus down to its previous size and to expel blood and clots.

Here is what happens when you breastfeed: the pituitary gland secretes the hormone oxytocin, which primarily acts to contract smooth muscle such as the sacs of milk in your breast. Contraction of the milk sacs causes your milk to move to the front of the breast, making it available for your baby. You’ll probably feel this as the “letdown” reflex. With each feeding, oxytocin also causes the smooth muscle cells in the uterus to contract, enabling the uterus to shrink to its pre-pregnancy size. Oxytocin has one other important effect: inducing loving feelings in moms toward their babies. That’s why it’s sometimes called the love hormone. Just an added BONUS! Isn’t it amazing how God designed our bodies!!!

Even after your uterus shrinks back into your pelvis, you may continue to look somewhat pregnant for several weeks or longer. That’s because your abdominal muscles get stretched out during pregnancy. Don’t get discouraged… it will take time and regular exercise to get your body back in shape.

There are many other benefits to breastfeeding, but I wanted to share this one with you real quick! 🙂

Do you, did you, or are you planning on breastfeeding your baby?


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