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What Causes Diastasis Recti?

Believe it or not, pregnancy is not the cause for diastasis. Yes, a little bit of separation can be normal with pregnancy to help make room for baby, but that separation should naturally go back by itself. Diastasis Recti is usually caused by poor posture, poor breathing habits, malalignment,and muscle imbalances. When we walk around with poor posture, that creates an intra abdominal pressure. That...

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What Is Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti is the widening of the gap between the left and right rectus abdominals. Your rectus abdominals are connected to a connective tissue called the linea alba. The linea alba is in the middle of the muscles to allow expanding of the abdominal walls for babies or changes in size. When you have a diastasis, the linea alba gets stretched out. When the linea...

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How To Pick Up Kids Correctly

A lot of people ignore correct form or don’t even think about it. But correct form can help many aches and pains. As a corrective exercise specialist, I see many people who are not moving correctly throughout their day and it is causing them to have back pains, knee pains, neck pains, etc. One area to pay attention to is “how to pick up kids...

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How To Row Correctly

As a corrective exercise specialist, one of my passions is helping people with correct form so they don’t injure themselves. If you don’t know how to row correctly, you can injure your shoulders. Here is a quick video that will explain how to do this exercise: Please let me know if you have any questions! XO

Busy Mom 5-15lb Weight Loss Boot Camp

  Do you have good intentions to get strong and healthy ,but you’re not sure where to start. Are you confused about what you should eat and how much to eat? Perhaps you still have 5-15 lbs of weight to lose, or you workout but have a hard time finding healthy recipes and a meal plan that works for your busy schedule. I am here to...

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Safe Exercises For Diastasis Recti

Finding safe exercises for diastasis recti can be frustrating and confusing! Here’s a few exercises that are safe to perform. *If any of these exercises hurt your back, you leak urine, your body shakes, or makes you feel unstable in your core, or your belly is bulging when you do it…you’re not ready for the exercise. These are all signs that your core isn’t working...

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How To Do Lunges Correctly

Another exercise I see a lot of women doing wrong are lunges. I would rather see you do 5 lunges with good form than 20 lunges with bad form. If you’re not doing these correctly, you are probably hurting your knees. Here’s a quick video I made that shows you how to do lunges correctly. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve also...

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How To Squat Correctly

As a corrective exercise specialist and personal trainer, I get to do a lot of assessments and observe people’s form when working out. It’s so important to learn how to do exercises correctly! It’s not just when you workout that form should be correct but in everyday activities as well. When we move correctly, we can reduce aches and pains in our bodies. In this...

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5 Healthy Snacks Kids Will Love

I don’t know about you but finding healthy snacks that my kiddos like can be tough!  As a mom, we are always wanting to make sure our kids get good nutrition in their bodies. Here are 5 healthy snacks you could give a try! 5 Healthy Snacks Kids Will Love Ants On A Log  (almond butter and raisns on celery): Cut stalks in 3” logs, fill the...

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Diastasis Recti Help

I’m very excited to be talking about this issue…diastasis recti (separation of the left and right abdominal muscles). It is an issue that more women need to be aware of. There’s A LOT of wrong information on this subject, so you need to be cautious before trying some of the exercises that promote healing for diastasis recti. A friend of mine, Brittany Hameed, asked if...

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