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Best Postnatal Exercise Right After Birth

postnatal exercise

It takes about 6 weeks for a woman’s body to recover after having a baby.  Hard core exercises should be avoided for a while, unless your doctor approves you and you’re feeling up to it.  Dr. Clapp (a prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist) says you can begin working out 2 weeks after delivery if your body is up to it. But women who have torn or had surgery need to wait longer.

Here’s The Safest and Best Postnatal Exercise You Can Do Right After Birth

  • Belly Pumping (uses diaphragmatic breathing) and Kegel exercises

Ok, I know that’s not much or what you may have been expecting but this will help get your core strong! A strong core gives you the best foundation!

Take this time to relax, enjoy, love on, and get to know your baby.  Love the body that you’re in and don’t panic about getting back to pre-pregnancy weight too soon!  That will cause you extra stress that you and your baby don’t need.  You will and can get your body back!

If in two weeks you’re feeling up to exercising then you can go for walks, do some yoga, and some planks.  Focus on breathing and belly pumping. Some women may be able to do more, some less.  We are all different and unique…so listen to your body and your intuition.

If you are a new mom…congrats on your precious gift! 🙂 Children are a blessing and you have many wonderful years ahead of you!

What are some of your favorite postnatal exercises you’ve done? I would love for you to share! 🙂


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