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Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Exercise During PregnancyThere are many benefits of exercise during pregnancy. I thought I would list just a few for you. 🙂

Babies born to mothers who exercise during pregnancy experience:

  • Increased physical health scores as measured immediately upon birth and up to five years later
  • Increased intelligence scores for life
  • Fewer fetal interventions
  • Fewer pregnancy complications

Moms who exercise during pregnancy experience:

  • Less weight gain
  • Less labor pain
  • Less pregnancy discomfort

More Benefits To The Baby

It will not be a surprise to find out that babies of exercising mothers are fitter and more physically able immediately upon birth. One confirmation of this is that babies of women who exercise have higher Apgar scores immediately upon birth. The Apgar score was devised as a method to quickly assess the physical health of a newborn immediately upon childbirth. It is a health assessment that includes skin color, pulse rate, reflexes, muscle tone, and respiration at the first and fifth minute of life. The score determines if the baby needs immediate medical care. A higher Apgar score means the baby is healthier.

The more surprising fact is that the enhanced physical health of the baby continues, as though the mother has endowed her child with a lifelong gift as priceless as life itself. Even five years after birth, children of women who exercised were in better shape than children of mothers who did not exercise.

More Benefits For Mom

  • A 35 percent decrease in need for pain relief during labor.
  • A 50 percent decrease in the need to artificially rupture the membranes (break the mom’s water)
  • A 50 percent need to induce of stimulate labor
  • A 50 percent decrease in need to intervene because of abnormalities in fetal heart rate
  • A 55 percent decrease in need for an episiotomy
  • A 75 percent decrease in need for operative intervention…such as forceps and C-section

There are even more benefits of exercise during pregnancy, but I will save that for another post. 🙂 I try to keep my posts short and easy to digest. I hope you found this information helpful. It’s really amazing what exercise can do for us and our babies. It just goes to show that God made our bodies to move! We live in such a sedentary lifestyle and don’t get the exercise we need.

Do you exercise during pregnancy, if so, what is your favorite type of exercise? You can share in the comment section below.













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