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About Olivia

Hi, I’m Olivia Cagle. I am the creator of  The Diastasis Fix. It is an 8 week program designed to strengthen your core, get rid of your mommy tummy, and heal diastasis. 



Free Resources:

Live Master Class: 5 Step System To Heal Diastasis (even if you’ve had it for years)


My Content:

There’s a lot of information on this blog to help you understand how to strengthen your core and to understand diastasis better. My mission is to help get awareness out about diastasis and give hope to moms. Click Here to read posts about diastasis.

I don’t only write about strengthening your physical core, but also your spiritual and emotional core. I don’t believe we are whole unless we focus on the “whole body”. These things tend to just pour out of me. 🙂 And occasionaly I may write about things that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories.

I typically post 2-3 times a week. To make sure you don’t miss any posts, you can subscribe via email by filling in the form below. It’s quick, easy, and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

My Biography:

I am a prenatal/postnatal corrective exercise specialist and a diastasis restoration specialist. I am also an overcoming coach (help moms overcome obstacles in their life so they can walk in the call God has for them).

I believe our bodies can be redeemed, renewed, and restored by changing our thoughts, eating healthy, exercising, and strengthening our core (physically & spiritually). I’ve learned that almost all illnesses and diseases have a root issue that’s usually caused by stress, worry, fatigue, and anxiety. Negative thoughts not only affect the person having those thoughts but on those around us. And for the pregnant mommies out there, our thoughts affect our babies.

Treating my family naturally for years has turned into a passion of mine as well. I’ve studied health and nutrition for 16 years and was mentored by an herbalist for 4 years. God has put so many amazing things in this earth that will heal our bodies. Even though I uses these natural methods, I believe God is the true healer.

I’ve been through so many things in my life that could have kept me bitter, resentful, and full of pain. But I have been Redeemed by my Savior…Jesus! He is my life, my everything. So that’s one thing I like to talk about…being redeemed, renewed, and restored and my hope is that through my writings, you too will be redeemed, renewed, and restored (if you aren’t already that is.) I have a burning passion for women to be healed from life’s hurts and to be set free so they can know the call and purpose that God has for them. Life circumstances have a way of covering up who we truly are. I want to ignite a fire in moms to discover who God has called them to be and cause them to walk in the desires of their heart. Once you know who you are, freedom comes and then we raise kiddos who know who they are. It’s a beautiful cycle.

My Family:

5 Tips To Improve Your Health

I have an absolute incredible marriage and amazing husband! We have a blended family that includes 7 kiddos. Being a blended family has it’s own unique challenges but because we put God first and our marriage, we are succeeding! It’s not always easy, but we are committed to each other and our family.


The Whole Gang! :)

The Whole Gang! 🙂

My Contact Information:

You can contact me by clicking the Contact button, or follow me on Instagram or  Facebook.

Random Facts About Me (in case you want to know) 😉

  • Love reading
  • Love to research and it can be hard for me to shut off my brain
  • Some days I love working out and other days I don’t want to. 🙂
  • I’m a homeschool mom
  • My oldest son is 27 and my youngest is 4 yr old
  • I live in Texas and was born and raised here. I have also lived in California and Virginia
  • I love being a mommy
  • Our blended family isn’t perfect and has had many trials but God is faithful
  • I do a quick wipe down of my bathrooms before guests come over
  • I sometimes let the TV be my babysitter
  • I can be messy
  • When home, I’m usually in PJ’s or workout clothes
  • Sometimes, I just want a hamburger!
  • I had my first son at age 15
  • There are usually 1-2 piles of laundry in my room that need folded and put up
  • I don’t love coffee but I love coffee creamer 😉
  • I want to hire a maid

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