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5 Day Diastasis Challenge

Don’t let “5 Days” fool you! This Diastasis Challenge is something you can/will use each day to help your diastasis. These are the most important foundational things you need to have in place when healing a diastasis.

This 5 Day Diastasis Challenge dives straight into practical tips and how to’s. You will learn how to start healing your tummy today!

Inside you’ll find video links where I demonstrate step by step what you need to do. I’ve also included exercises that you can do safely with diastasis….I know that’s a big concern for many mamas. Included is an interview with a client of mine who had a 4 finger diastasis and is now healed up.

This 5 Day Diastasis Challenge will help you feel more confident in knowing how to heal your tummy and will also get you on your way to closing it up. Fill in the form below to get started today!

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